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 Inorganic Pigments CONINOR ®
Inorganic synthetic pigments suitable for paint, plastic, construction, inks, leather, paper and cosmetics.
Applied in paints inorganic pigments give advantages as follows:
- High opacity
- High weather and light fastness
- Good heat fastness
- Good fastness to solvents and to re-painting
In plastics :
- High colour stability and temperature fastness
- High weather and light fastness
- Total fastness to migration
- Mechanical properties from polyolefins do not reduce its weather stability
- Dimensional stability (warping)
 Inorganic Pigments CONATERM ®
Inorganic synthetic pigments with higher temperature stability than CONINOR range.
Normally they are not suitable for ceramics applications but, for instance, they can be used for plastics where harder conditions of temperature are required to process them.
Several types of Titanium Dioxide rutile and anatase (PW6) are available for plastics, paints, cosmetics and food industries. In paints and plastics fields rutile types mainly used because of its opacity and weather/light fastness.
Different superficial treatments can be done on Titanium Dioxide that give to the product some specific characteristics that customer should consider to choose the right one for each application.
Proquimac distributes Titanium Dioxide from producer AGROFERT HOLDING (branch PRECOLOR).
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