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Proquimac since 1974 dedicated to color

At PROQUIMAC PFC, S.A.. we have been dedicated to the world of color since 1974. Specialized in the supply of pigments and dyes, over the years we have developed our own products in addition to continuing with national and international distribution. Adapting at all times to the new Regulations and Certifications. Our products comply with REACH regulations.

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Proquimac in the world

Over the years Proquimac has expanded its network of AGENTS and DISTRIBUTORS in order to offer a closer service to our customers. Thus reaching international markets.
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All rights reserved by Proquimac. Proquima is acompany that specializes in: Aluminium Lakes, Ammonium Sulphate Colors, Cosmethic Colours, Cosmethic Dyes, Cosmethic Pigments, Fertilizer Colorant, Epoxy Pigment Dispersions, Ink Pigments , Inorganic Pigments, Optical Brighteners, Organic Pigments, Photoluminiscent Pigments, Pigments for Inks, Pigments for Paints, Pigments for Rubber, Water Based Pigment Dispersions. Some of our colors: Curumine, Carmine, Carmoisine, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Xantophile, Yellow, Cadmium Pigments, Annato, Beta, Beta Carothene, Blue, Brilliant Blue, Allura Red, Amaranth, Indigo Carmine.