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    C/ Berlín 3 Pol. Ind. Can Torrella
    08233 Vacarisses (Barcelona-Spain)
    Tel. 34 93 828 06 73 Fax. 34 93 828 0676

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      All rights reserved by Proquimac. Proquima is acompany that specializes in: Aluminium Lakes, Ammonium Sulphate Colors, Cosmethic Colours, Cosmethic Dyes, Cosmethic Pigments, Fertilizer Colorant, Epoxy Pigment Dispersions, Ink Pigments , Inorganic Pigments, Optical Brighteners, Organic Pigments, Photoluminiscent Pigments, Pigments for Inks, Pigments for Paints, Pigments for Rubber, Water Based Pigment Dispersions. Some of our colors: Curumine, Carmine, Carmoisine, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Xantophile, Yellow, Cadmium Pigments, Annato, Beta, Beta Carothene, Blue, Brilliant Blue, Allura Red, Amaranth, Indigo Carmine.