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Fertilizer Colorant

Proquimac specializes in the manufacture and marketing of all kinds of dyes and pigments like Fertilizer Colorant that are used in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint manufacturers...
Proquimac was founded in 1974 with the objective of offering a wide range of dyes and pigments on the market. The experience accumulated over the years has made the initial objectives were met and grew to unbelievable extremes offering products such as Metal Complex Dyes , Pigments , Green Chrome Oxide , Ink Pigments , Absorvers , Pet Food Colors , HAALS , Fluorescent Pigments and Fertilizer Colorant among many others.
Over time Proquimac was secured in a preferred position within its sector thanks to the quality of their products. This has spurred the growth of the company moved in 1997 to a new plant of 2,500 square meters and 700 square meters for offices. These new facilities have been causer to made new products like Fertilizer Colorant.
From the beginning the company opted for values that are reflected directly in their products. For the company staff is essential to get the best industry professionals, a fact which ensures exceptional quality products, to supply particular needs of each sector.Metal Complex Dyes , Pigments , Green Chrome Oxide , Ink Pigments
All manufactured products have passed strict quality controls. These are made taking into account current legislation that regulates them. By manufacturing sector-specific solutions such as sensitive as food or pharmaceutical industry, makes these tasks and control are essential to ensure the viability of manufacturing Fertilizer Colorant or others.
From Proquimac appreciate your visit to the site and we encourage you to continue navigating through it to know more all that you want from Fertilizer Colorant. If you need any clarification or wish to make an inquiry on our products please contact us and we will attend you personally.

We offer a wide Fertimac® range of solutions for the coloration of fertilizers (NPK in grain, powder, crystalline, water soluble, …), phytosanitary and seeds.

Our target is to develop solutions for each client’s specific needs. After studying each case individually, we offer powder or liquid dye solutions compatible which the additive being used in each production process. We have a brand-new range of polymeric dyes FERTIMAC HS-COAT for better coating and Color fixation.